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Are you planning to visit Dubai and confused about whether to learn basic Arabic or not? My Dubai Stay Serviced Holiday Rentals will help you solve this confusion. Dubai is a multicultural city and several languages are spoken here. Arabic being the official language is spoken by the natives but nonetheless, English is widely understood, and non-Arabic speakers will have no problem in communicating. But keep in mind that knowing the basic phrases of the local language always gives you an edge and will let you bring the most out of your Dubai holiday.

The local Emiratis tend to admire those who try to speak their language. They won’t mind the poor accent and gender specific mistakes. Your effort will be appreciated and you’ll be answered politely even if you tell them “La atakalum Arabiya” (I can’t speak Arabic) or ask Hal tetakallem al-inglizia (Do you speak English?)

Enjoy your short stay in Dubai, here are some useful English to Arabic phrases to help you:

English Arabic

Good morning Salamo-a-likoum

Hello Marhaba

Hello (unformal) Salaam

Good afternoon Masa-al-khir

Good night Tasbah-ala-khir

Dear Azizi

Thank you (very much) Shukran (jazeelan)

Congratulation Mabrouk

Sorry Ana-assif

Happy eid Eid-mobarak

Good bye Maa-al-salam

Good day Youm-sayed

Happy holyday Otla-sayeda

Safe Journey Tarik salama

Welcome Marhaba

How are you? Kayfa haal-louk (male)
Kayfa haal-lou-ki (female)

None,nothing,nobody Maa Fee

Fine thank You Bekhair Shukran

What is your name? Ma ismuka (male)
Ma ismukee (female)

My Name is Ismee…………….

Nice to meet you Tasharafna

Do you speak English Hal tetakallem al-inglizia

I can’t speak Arabic La atakalum arabiya

Where is the toilet Ayna-al-hamam

I’ll call the police Sa unadi al-shorta
English Arabic

I don’t understand La afham

You’re welcome Afwan

I need a doctor Ah’taj doktor

Yes Na’am

No Laa

Maybe Mum-kin

Excuse Me Ismahli

Good Jayyid

Very Good Jayyid jiddan/mum-taz

Never Mind Laysa Muhim

Help Al - najda

Please Min-fadlik

0 Sifr

1 Waahid

2 Ithnan

3 Thalatha

4 Arba’a

5 Khamsa

6 Sitta

7 Sab’a

8 Thamaaniya

9 Tis’a

10 Ashara