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The city of Dubai boasts a fully automated driverless, clean and highly efficient Dubai metro service. The metro in Dubai is a rapid transit system that connects major areas of Dubai together. Dubai Metro has been certified as the world’s longest fully automated metro network spanning approximately 75km and can handle up to 22,000 passengers per hour. It also boasts the longest driverless metro line in the world, the Red Line measuring up to 52km. Approximately 1.2 million passengers on an average day enjoy the fully automated driverless Dubai metro rail service, air-conditioning, advanced ticketing system, unrestricted mobile phone reception, Wi-Fi Internet facility and audiovisual devices with LCD screens. As anticipated, just like any other subway Dubai Metro has eased the traffic congestion in this bustling UAE metropolis.

Traveling through Dubai Metro is one of the best ways to escape the hustle and bustle of traffic and be assured of a fast, convenient way to commute to your destination. MyDubaiStay’s Serviced Apartments are carefully selected near Dubai Metro Stations. Owing to the increase in traffic congestion, commuting time, accidents and pollution it was inevitable to build an efficient and safer mass transit system. As a result the construction of Dubai subway or Dubai Metro, the premier project of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), started in May 2005. Approximately AED 28 billion has been well spent on this modern and efficient transportation infrastructure, a public investment that will last for years. Dubai metro has opened a new chapter of economic growth and opportunities for Dubai.

Dubai metro not only provide a vital link between major tourist attractions but also makes Dubai more suitable for holding conventions, exhibitions, shows, sporting events, conferences and to have a fun filled Dubai holiday.

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