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220+ High Quality Digital TV Channels
Information and Entertainment in 18 Languages

My Dubai Stay Holiday Rental Apartments offer its guests an extraordinary digital television (TV) experience with excellent quality pictures and sound with modern LCD and Plasma screen televisions. Our Dubai visitors will get a chance to choose from a huge selection of local and international TV programs and will enjoy a true home from home experience.

The myriad of facilities and comforts that are offered at our Dubai Furnished Apartments enable our guests to relax and unwind, and now we are delivering you the best selection of complimentary in-house entertainment. We are determined to make your Dubai short stay highly satisfying and entertained hence our guest relations team has carefully selected popular TV channels in different languages from around the world without adding any additional cost to your budget. Watch news, documentaries, cartoons, movies and sports from an engaging mix of over 30 genres! Guests in our Dubai Serviced Apartments can choose from a massive range of 220 channels with new channels being added all the time.

If you still can’t decide what to watch you’ll also find a DVD player in all our apartments in Dubai for rent, just bring along a few discs to keep yourself entertained.

Stay in tune and connected to your favorite shows and the news, even while having a fabulous holiday in Dubai! Take a look at the list below to find your personal selection.

Genre Channels Available
Comedy 209. OSN Comedy 210. OSN Comedy +2
Documentries 355.Animal Planet
370.History Channel
353.National Geographic Adventure
351.National Geographic Wild
364.Discovery ID
380.Travel Channel
362.Discovery Science
361.Discovery Channel
Entertainment 223.America Plus
610.OSN Movies HD
624.Outdoor HD
602.Nat Geo Wild HD
605.Discovery HD Showcase
405.BBC Lifestyle
206.Fox Series
611.OSN Movies HD+2
660.Fox Sports HD
450.MTV Arabia
226.BBC Entertainment
402.Food Network
204.MBC Action
627.Fashion TV HD
661.ShowSports1 HD
105.MBC 2
205.MBC 4
629.Food Network HD
403.City 7
639.NHK World
Kids 314.Boomerang
315.Cartoon Network
310.PlayHouse Disney
320.Disney Channel
610.OSN Movies
321.Disney XD
Movies 133.Cinema City
114.Show Movies+2
136.Super Movies
108.MBC Max
119.ShowMovies Comedy
118.ShowMovies Action
111.Fox Movies
132.Turner Classic Movies
137.Super Movies +2
201.Dubai One TV
121.ShowMovies Kids
Music 452.MTV Music 460.Trace TV 455.VH-1
News 38.Bloomberg TV
34.Orbit News 2
23.France 24 France
30.Sky News
25.Al Jazeera International
29.FOX News
31.Sky News HD
21.BBC World
23.Orbit News
20.CNN International
Sports 558.Extreme Sports
534.ShowSports 4
544.Fox Sport
545.EuroSport News
532.ShowSports 2 533.ShowSports 3
Arabic - Sports 580.Baharain Sports
586.Saudi Sport
589.Al Kass wa Al Dawri
541.Dubai Sports
591.Al Ahly Club
585.Kuwait Sport
501.Abu Dhabi Sports
542.Dubai Sports 2
592.Modern Sport
517.JSC1 (Jazeera Sports 1)
502.Abu Dhabi Sports 2
543.Dubai Racing
590.Nile Sports
518.JSC2 (Jazeera Sports 2)
504.Abu Dhabi Sports 3
665.Dubai - Sports HD
Arabic - General Entertainment 759.Al Baghdadia
751.Saudi 1
722.Tele Liban
720.LBC International
725.OTV Lebanon
755.Qatar TV
432.Al Aan
728.Al Manar
65.Decision Makers TV
750.Bahrain TV
257.Melody Drama
256.Nile Life
729.Jordan TV
752.Saudi 2
727.Future News
721.MTV Lebanon
Al Maghribiya
763.Orient TV
250.Abu Dhabi Drama
259.Al Masriya
401.Al Iraqia
258.Moga Comedy
736.Nile TV
753.Al Mehwar TV
743.Al Rai
723.Future TV
762.2M Maroc
732.Syria TV
779.Al Dafrah
758.Al Sharqiya
483.Hawas TV
705. Alafasy
735.Dream 2
255.Nile Drama
746.Kuwait TV
713.LBC Europe
726.New TV
739.Oman TV
765.Tunis 7
766.Al Hurra
64.Asian Business TV
241.Infinity TV
243.MBC Drama
254.Blue Nile
737.Nile Family & Children
Arabic - Documentries 390.JSC Documentary 354.National Geographic Abu Dhabi 242.OSN SHA
Arabic - Islamic 703.Majd
710.Alafasy Quran
708.Peace TV
711.Saudi Quran
6.Noor Dubai
712.Saudi Sunnah
Arabic - Kids 325.JSC Kids
303.Space Toon
302.MBC 3 301.Nickelodeon
Arabic - Motor 395. Gear One
Arabic - Movies 151.Rotana Cinema
162.Rotana Zaman 160.Melody Aflam 158.Nile Cinema
Arabic - Music 473.Melody Arabia
470.Star Academy / Nagham
478.Rotana Clip
476.Nojoom TV2
479.Rotana Khalijiah
Arabic - News 56.4.9Al Jazeera
Ajman TV
Sama Dubai
55.Al Jazeera Live
3.Al Emarat
7.Sharjah TV
1.Al Arabiya
63.CNBC Arabia
15.BBC Arabic
2.Abu Dhabi TV
5.Dubai TV>
Bengali 291.Channel i
Chinese 850.CCTV 4
851.CCTV News 852.Channel [V] Chinese 853.Phoenix TV
Dutch 822.BVN TV
French 801.ARTE 802.TV5 Orient
German 798.DW TV* 795.RTL2* 794ZDF*
Greek 830.ERT
Hindi 264.NDTV Imagine 170.Zee Aflam
Italian 808.Canale 5 805.RAI1 806.RAI1 807.RAI1
Korean 859.Arirang TV 860.KBS World
Malayalam 276.Jeevan TV 277.JaiHind TV 83.Manorama News 84.People TV
Persian 786.Iran TV
785.TV5 Iran
781.TV1 Iran
780.MBC Persia
782.TV2 Iran
789.PEN TV
783.TV3 Iran
Romanian 828.TV Romania
Russian 815.DTV Russia* 816.NTV Russia* 817.RUS ORTi* 818.TV3 Russia*
Spanish 826.Canal 24 Horas 825.TV International
Turkish 812.TRT 1 813.TRT Muzik 814.TRT Cocuk 818.TV3 Russia*
Urdu 85.PTV 1 298.PTV Home