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Owners Guide for Renting a Holiday Home in Dubai
By Imran
 September 13, 2015     Comments (0)        

Is your Dubai Holiday Apartment or Villa Licensed? From June 2014 it became illegal to operate a property as a holiday home without an official Holiday Home permit issued by the DTCM (Dubai Tourism Authority). Renting your property daily, weekly, or even monthly for a period of up to 6 months now requires a permit and operators licence. A Holiday Home permit for your property is only available via a locally licenced Holiday Home Operator, registered with the DTCM. Registration requires an operator to meet the following criteria and rules 1. Set up an LLC trade licence with a local sponsor (49% ownership) 2. Operate a minimum of 20 properties at all times 3. Demonstrate experience in the industry and hospitality sector 4. Be available 24 hours a day to service all guests in house 5. Hold a suitable insurance policy 6. Provide electricity and water within the cost of any rental 7. Properly maintain all properties 8. Rent for any period up to a maximum of 6 months 9. Collect the Dubai Tourism Dirham separately to booking charges 10. Provide access to all data and statistics for audit by the DTCM 11. Allow the DTCM to inspect all properties 12. Only rent complete properties, not separate rooms within an apartment or villa How do I Licence my Property? The easiest way forward is to register your apartment or villa with an already registered Holiday Home operator. There are many officially licensed Holiday Home management companies in Dubai that can take care of the new legislation on your behalf. The DTCM will be undertaking an enforcement drive very soon to ensue only properly licensed properties are available and managed by licensed operators. If you do not have a permit and are not working with a licensed operator you could face fines starting from 5,000 AED and upwards if you repeatedly flout the rules. How much does it Cost? Dubai Holiday Home permits cost from 300 AED for a studio or one bedroom apartment, and then upwards by the same amount for each additional bedroom. So a permit for a 3 bedroom apartment will cost (3 x 300 AED) + 60 AED (admin fee) = 960 AED. The fee is capped at 1,200 AED for apartments or villas from 4 bedrooms or larger. The permit is renewable annually. If you need to change operator and transfer your permit from one company to ano...


8 Foods You Must Try in Dubai
By Andrew
 September 02, 2015     Comments (0)        

If you’re going to Dubai then make it a ‘must’ to try the following foods. Why? Well, you’ll feel short-changed if you leave the city without indulging in these tasty local delicacies. You know how the saying goes: “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”. Well, in Dubai, you should apply this expression to food and eat like the locals do - the food is absolutely sensational. Take a look to see what has made our list: 1. Shawarma Whilst you may have had a shawarma at your local restaurant back in the UK, it won’t have anything on the real deal that’s served in Dubai. This popular Middle Eastern sandwich wrap, made with lamb or chicken, is simply divine. #shawarmastationuae #shawarmacatering #party #shawarmadubai A photo posted by Shawarma Station (@shawarmastationuae) onMar 21, 2014 at 2:26am PDT 2. Falafel If you’re a veggie, falafel is the way forward. Not a veggie? You’ll still love this mouth-watering dish, which is essentially a modified version of French fries! Who would have thought?! pelican under CC by SA 2.0 3. Hummus Pitta and hummus is a match made in heaven. In fact, a shawarma isn’t the same without this delicious dip! stu_spivack under CC by SA 2.0 4. Tabbouleh Tabbouleh in Dubai is to die for... Alper Çuğun under CC by 2.0 5. Luqaimat … And so is luqaimat, a typical Arabic dessert you won’t be able to get enough of. THE #SWEET LIFE Try these #traditional #Emiratides...


4 ‘Wow’ Factor Wedding Venues in Dubai
By Andrew
 August 21, 2015     Comments (0)        

Destination Weddings have become all the rage for couples tying the knot. So if you’re thinking of organising your dream wedding abroad, why not choose Dubai? You're sure to get some amazing photos to remember! One of the most important things to consider is surely the venue, so here at My Dubai Stay, we thought it would be a good idea to share some of the most beautiful wedding venues in the city with you. 1. Atlantis, The Palm This five-star hotel is an extremely popular wedding venue and it’s no wonder why. Whether you’re after a large wedding with all your friends and family or a smaller, more intimate ceremony, the Atlantis can accommodate your every need. There are different wedding packages available, plus you can choose from seven venues. Be sure to choose this spectacular event venue and you won’t be disappointed. Werner Bayer under CC by 2.0 2. Burj Al Arab How impressive would it be to say that you got married at the Burj Al Arab? Not only is it the world’s only seven-star hotel, but it stands as the tallest too. And you can celebrate your special day at this iconic landmark. Fancy saying your vows whilst overlooking the Arabian Sea? Well, this hotel is perfect. ~Pyb under CC by SA 2.0 3. One&Only Royal Mirage One&Only Royal Mirage is a treasured wedding venue and you can hold your big day here without spending a fortune, making t...


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