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Dress Code in Dubai: 10 Trusty Tips
By Andrew
 July 14, 2015     Comments (0)        

If you’re heading to Dubai, you’ll want to know what clothes to pack, especially if you’ve heard mixed reviews about what you can and can’t wear in the city! Follow our guide and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your holiday without worrying about offending the locals. 1. Women should wear dresses, shorts or skirts to the knee when walking around #HOLIDAY ☀️ // #break #takeabreak #enjoylife #hkig #hklife #hkiggirl #hkiglife #instahk #madeinhk #OOTD #CLKooTD #outfitoftoday #striped #longskirt #niceweather #lovelife A photo posted by @girlsareweird_ onJul 13, 2015 at 12:28am PDT 2. If it’s above the knee, wear leggings underneath! Maria Morri under CC by SA 2.0 3. It’s fine to wear bikinis on the beach… 4. …As long as you keep your bikini top on – It’s illegal to go topless #nofilter #nobikinitop #nosadboyfriend A photo posted by Gustaf Astrand (@qcamber) onJan 22, 2015...


Dubai’s Best and Cheapest Street Food Restaurants
By Andrew
 July 13, 2015     Comments (0)        

In between sipping on champagne and dining out at Dubai’s finest restaurants, you’ll no doubt want to find some budget meals to satisfy your taste buds as well as your bank balance! Here you can discover some of the tastiest street food joints in the city. Bu Qtair If you’re after seafood, Bu Qtair is the place to go. This quiet little shack serves up the most heavenly shrimps and to-die for hammour! You may have to wait as this place is extremely popular, but it’s certainly worth it; in fact, many have described the fish as the best in town. Why miss out on this hidden gem? Bu Qtair is a must-visit. 'Bout to dive into this! #BuQtair #seafood #mydubai #anthonybourdain #Jumeirah #noreservations #foodporn #beach A photo posted by Craig Wong (@craigwong) onMay 19, 2015 at 3:11pm PDT Noodle Bowl Fancy some authentic Asian food? Look no further than Noodle Bowl. The food here is simple yet packed full of flavour, plus the portion sizes are extremely generous; what’s not to like?!Noodle Bowl offers truly delicious food at reasonable prices. In fact, it’s such a hit amongst both locals and tourists that the Dubai location spawned restaurants in Abu Dhabi and Korea too! With over 200 dishes to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice at Noodle Bowl, so you’re bound to find something that tickles your fancy. #iftar last night at the fabulous Noodle Bowl in the bowling centre. I can't recommend this place highly enough. #noodle #chinesefood #noodlebowl #zayedsportscity #khalifabowlingcenter #bowling #inabudhabi #abudhabi #iloveabudhabi #ilovetheuae #uae A photo posted by Alan Donald (@ala...


How Can Dubai Benefit from the World Expo in 2020?
By Andrew
 July 09, 2015     Comments (0)        

In November 2013, it was decided that the United Arab Emirates would host the World Expo in Dubai in 2020. And with the event playing a significant role in transforming Shanghai into a thriving cultural district at the last one in 2010, Dubai will undoubtedly benefit from being the host city. The event, a trade convention that takes place every five years, has never been held in the Middle East, North Africa or South Asia (MENASA) before. So, as you can imagine, it was a monumental moment when Dubai discovered that they had won the bid to host in 2020. World Expos last six months, and during this run, the host city attracts millions of visitors. And Dubai is no exception. The city is expected to bring in 25 million visitors, either as exhibitors for the event or tourists. To put this into perspective for you, think of London during the 2010 Olympics; Dubai will be buzzing with life. So, how will the city benefit from the World Expo? Aviation and Transport Dubai International Airport is undergoing extensive redevelopment and expansion to accommodate the millions of people who will be visiting the city for the event. It is thought that up to 300,000 people a day will visit the Expo from all around the world, including exhibitors from more than 180 nations. The airport is currently having a whopping $7.8bn of renovation in order for the facility to cope with 90 million passengers per year. The improvements include the construction of Concourse 3 and Concourse 4, plus expansions to Terminal 1 and 2. Al Maktoum International Airport at Dubai World Central is only a short journey from the proposed Expo 2020 site in Jebel Ali, so this will also see an influx of visitors during 2020. Once airline Emirates move to this airport, which is likely to happen within the next decade (fingers crossed by 2020!) the airline will be able to double in size. According toSaj Ahmad, chief analyst at aviation consultancy StrategicAero Research, rival host cities Brazil, Russia and Turkey don’t even come close to Dubai, and not only in terms of airports, but the cities’ geographic locations and flag carriers too. He added, “With Emirates in particular, leveraging Dubai's unique geographic location to pull inand take traffic through Dubai, the other candidate cities do not even have a flagship airline capable of doing the same.” Macronix under CC by 2.0 Tourism and Hospitality During 2012, Dubai welcomed more than 10 million international visitors for the first time ever, an impressive 9% increase from the previous year. And that was just the start of the city’s tourism boost. By the time the Expo takes place in 2020, Dubai is expected to have doubled its number of visitors to 200 million a y...


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