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The Best Shopping Spots in Dubai
By Andrew
 February 18, 2016     Comments (0)        

Dubai is a paradise for shopaholics. In fact, the city is often referred to as the shopping capital of the Middle East. Whatever you want, whether it’s designer brands, gold, textiles, Dubai’s got it. Here you can discover the best shopping spots in the city.

Dubai Shopping Mall

Dubai Shopping Mall is like no other. It’s part of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, and is home to more than 1,200 shops, a plethora of eateries, as well as an aquarium and Olympic size ice-rink! This doesn’t sound like a regular shopping mall, does it? And that’s because it’s not. Dubai doesn’t do anything by halves and this prestigious shopping mall is no different.

Dubai Shopping Mall provides the ultimate experience so if you love to shop until you drop, be sure to visit this shopper’s paradise; you won’t be disappointed.

Guilhem Vellut under CC by 2.0

Wafi Mall

Whilst this may be one of the city’s quieter malls, it’s well worth a visit. Why? Well, for starters, it’s home to the Wafi Gourmet, Dubai’s acclaimed gourmet deli counter. So, when you fancy breaking up your shopping spree with a bite to eat, you know you can tuck into truly tasty food.

Wafi Mall offers independent stores, including local boutiques; therefore your shopping experience will be like no other, particularly as this mall also boasts a collection of impressive artwork. Fancy taking artwork home as a souvenir? Then purchase a piece at one of the many galleries here.

You won’t want to miss out on shopping at this Egyptian themed mall. With a distinctive pyramid-style exterior, Wafi Mall is truly one of a kind.

Christian van Elvan under CC by ND 2.0

Bur Dubai Souk

Souks are traditional shopping spots in Dubai, so make it a ‘must’ to head to Bur Dubai Souk. You’ll gain real insight of the type of local lifestyle, plus you’re bound to pick up a bargain.

Read More: Seven Souk Haggling Techniques

If you’re looking to pick up pashminas or other colour fabrics and textiles, either for yourself or to gift to friends and family, Bur Dubai Souk is perfect. You’ll find textile treasures that you won’t be able to resist, and the negotiable price tags make the shopping experience all the more better.


Karama Shopping Centre

This shopping centre is the place to go for designer knock-offs. You’ll find designer bags, clothes, watches and other luxurious items that are so close to the real deal, you’ll start to wonder why you’re paying a fraction of the original price!

Karama Shopping Centre has a selection of shops that you’re able to test out your haggling skills in and buy copies of designer goods at prices that seem too good to be true, as well as souvenirs. Make sure you add it to your itinerary; you’re bound to bag a bargain at this shopping complex.

So, now you know where to shop in Dubai, but do you know where to stay? We have a range of self-catering accommodation to choose from, including our stunning villas to rent in Dubai. Book with us today and experience a truly enjoyable visit whilst holidaying in shopping heaven



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