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What Can the Qatar World 2022 Cup Bring to Dubai?
By Andrew
 November 23, 2015     Comments (0)        

wikipedia under CC-by-3.0 Two years after the Dubai World Expo 2020, we will see nearby country of Qatar welcoming the 2022 football World Cup. Although steeped in controversy surrounding the FIFA saga, this is set to be a World Cup to challenge any other as it can bring a lot of positivity with it, benefiting some areas of both Africa and the Middle East. Winter World Cup Qatar 2022 It’s something that is unheard of but, due to the scorching summer temperatures in Qatar hitting over 50°C on a regular basis, the move has been made to host the tournament in the winter in order protect the players. This will drastically increase the winter tourism both in Qatar and in surrounding areas such as Dubai. Normally one of the quietest seasons in the Middle East, a winter World Cup in 2022 could have a huge benefit to increasing the economy through strong, all year-round tourism. wikipedia under cc-by-3.0 Welcoming Qatar’s Overflow to Dubai The sheer number of people heading to Qatar in order to see the World Cup in 2022 will be staggering and it seems very likely that this football tourism will overflow into different areas. It is estimated that Qatar currently has around 44,000 rooms available, but they will need a very minimum of 90,000 in accordance to FIFA regulations. This will bring a huge economic benefit to many of the surrounding countries and areas such as Dubai. For many, the idea of staying in a holid...


Skiing in Dubai
By Andrew
 November 23, 2015     Comments (0)        

There are loads of awesome and exciting ski destinations in the world, with France and North America leading the way as the most popular among ski professionals and young groups looking to experience the thrill of gliding effortlessly down the crisp, white powder. But have any of you wondered about skiing or snowboarding in Dubai? Yes, you read correctly, Dubai! Now, like most of us, and rightly so, we think of Dubai as a hot, sunny and relaxing holiday destination – which it is! But as one of the most developing cities in the world, Dubai truly caters for all tastes, even avid ski enthusiasts! Ski Dubai offers the most thrilling, all action skiing experience for ski professionals and beginners alike and caters for all groups of people, especially young groups and families. Dubai offers something a little different from your normal skiing holiday - it’s unique, exotic and super exciting! Just imagine skiing one day and then enjoying the sun by the pool the next? It’s back to school but we’re bringing it ‘#BacktoKool’! Enjoy the special party pass for AED 100 from 17th September to experience the Cold Slide Rodeo, #SnowBullet, Big Air Bag and lounge area with DJ and Ski Bar with your #friends. #skidubai #fun #family #dubai #mydubai #malloftheemirates #uae #skiresort A photo posted by Ski Dubai (@skidxb) onSep 16, 2015 at 1:30am PDT The Ultimate Skiing Experience in Dubai Even though the only skiing resort in the Middle East is located in the desert, it has all the right ski conditions for a true, real l...


Planning a Business Trip in Dubai? Here’s All You Need to Know
By Andrew
 November 23, 2015     Comments (0)        

Over the past 15-20 years, Dubai has become one of the world’s most up-and-coming business districts. Thanks to its excellent location between the Asian growth markets of India and China and the western world as well - and its comparatively low tax rates don’t hurt either. Altogether, these factors are increasing the number of businesses setting up in the city. As a result, many people find themselves having to take a trip to Dubai to do business, particularly if they’re involved in the financial services and oil industries, which are massive in the city. Although it’s a busy, bustling city, it can be a stressful experience if you’ve not planned your trip in advance. What should you consider before travelling to Dubai? Here’s our essential checklist: How to travel Transport links to Dubai are strong and only getting better. Visitors from the UK can fly to Dubai International Airport, which is the world’s busiestinternational airport, from Glasgow, London, Manchester and more. Once you’re there, it is easy to get around on the Metro, which is probably the best underground transport system in the Middle East, but it’s also simple and inexpensive to travel around by taxi. When to travel Dubai can get very, very hot in the summer months – it’s not uncommon for temperatures to reach 40 degrees in July and August – and it’s worthwhile planning your business trip for other times of the year when it’s a little cooler, such as spring or winter, when the warmth is a welcome break from the chilly UK. What to wear Thankfully, b...


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