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2016 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
By Imran
 October 26, 2016     Comments (0)      , ,  

#AbuDhabiGP - THE TIME IS NOW Date: Friday 25th to Sunday 27th November 2016 Location: Yas Marina Circuit, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE THE RACE TO THE TITLE Would you believe it, it’s that time of year again when the F1 fraternity prepares to descend on the UAE for the 8th Abu Dhabi Grand Prix held at the awe inspiring Yas Marina Circuit. Last year’s race saw Nico Rosberg win for the first time at Yas Marina, with Lewis Hamilton winning in 2014 (and 2011). As the race to the world championship title reaches its finale, who will be the winner and take the crown? It looks like this last race of the F1 season could be the decider. AFTER RACE CONCERTS The event is not only for lovers of F1 cars and speed, alongside the race is a huge nightly concert at the Du Arena hosting top stars from around the world: Friday 25th November: The Chemical Brothers will amaze you with their electronic sound at the Du Arena Stage Saturday 26th November: The amazing Lionel Richie will have everyone singing along to his huge list of hits spanning over decades. Sunday 27th November: Rihanna takes to the stage after the main race, on her only stop in the Middle East, as part of her Anti World Tour. YASALAM 2016 You don’t have to buy a ticket to the F1 circuit to join in the party atmosphere, Yasalam 2016 runs alongside the main racing event, it’s a city wide free entertainment festival blending music and art with motorsport. (yasalam meaning – wow!). Find out more...... WHILE YOU’RE VISITING YAS ISLAND…… Ferrari World, Yas Island If you’ve got red racing blood running through your body, then a visit to the Ferrari World theme park is without doubt the next best thing...


Renting with Airbnb and the Holiday Home Law in Dubai
By Imran
 October 26, 2015     Comments (0)        

All you need to know about renting with Airbnb in Dubai Airbnb in Dubai offers over 100 shared rooms, 300+ private rooms in shared properties, and over 300 entire homes or apartments across the emirate. Everyone’s talking about it; you may have visited the website and might have even signed up as a guest or host. Booking a stay on this peer to peer network has revolutionised the self-catering holiday accommodation market across the globe, connecting owners directly to guests in an easy to administer format. The global rise of Airbnb has made it the biggest accommodation provider in the world, bigger than some of the oldest established international hotel chains. While this competition is healthy for the consumer, the hotel lobby argue that a level playing field does not exist between them offering an officially recognised and rated hotel room and paying local taxes and fees, and an unregistered individual offering a spare room or apartment for less and without any of the same commercial rules of compliance. As all major cities across the globe depend on regulated tourism, governments are waking up to address this disparity and to ensure stable residential communities are not over run by a transient society. Authorities are working to maintain a healthy balance between community stability and the commercial benefits of tourism, whilst collecting applicable taxes from tourists wherever they choose to stay. The Dubai Holiday Home Law Introduced in 2013 to regulate the globally emerging short term accommodation rental sector, it was passed with the aim to help the emirate achieve its target of welcoming 20 million visitors per year by 2020. Under the said law it is illegal to rent a spare room, or shared room in any property in the emirate. Shared accommodation is not recognised as a commercial activity hence anyone renting in this manner is definitely on the wrong side of the law. Subletting a part of a property if you are a tenant is also illegal unless you have the explicit permission of the owner to do so in your tenancy contract The government requires registration of complete apartments or villas, in designated areas of the emirate, to obtain a holiday home permit via a locally licensed operator. Licensed operators must also collect the Tourism Dirham Fee from all guests staying at any licensed holiday home holding a valid permit. Prior to 2013, short term rentals operated in a “grey area” – being neither legal nor illegal. As property rules and regulations have now caught up with the eminent rise of the real estate sector in Dubai, the laws are now very black and white. Anyone found flouting the rules will face prosecution and heavy fines. Tips for Airbnb Guests Staying in Dubai It’s simple to book an entire apartment or villa in Dubai, or even stay in a spare room with a host in Dubai. This can save you a lot of money compared to booking in one of the city’s more luxurious hotels, but is it legal? If you are thinking about booking a stay in Dubai via Airbnb, the fundamental question to ask a host is: “Does the Airbnb property in Dubai have a valid holiday home permit issued by the Tourism Department?” If the answer is YES, then you’re in safe hands. This means that you’re dealing with a licensed Airbnb operator, based locally in Dubai who is authorized to collect the tourism fee as mandated by the Government. The local operator will be responsib...


Owners Guide for Renting a Holiday Home in Dubai
By Imran
 September 13, 2015     Comments (0)        

Is your Dubai Holiday Apartment or Villa Licensed? From June 2014 it became illegal to operate a property as a holiday home without an official Holiday Home permit issued by the DTCM (Dubai Tourism Authority). Renting your property daily, weekly, or even monthly for a period of up to 6 months now requires a permit and operators licence. A Holiday Home permit for your property is only available via a locally licenced Holiday Home Operator, registered with the DTCM. Registration requires an operator to meet the following criteria and rules 1. Set up an LLC trade licence with a local sponsor (49% ownership) 2. Operate a minimum of 20 properties at all times 3. Demonstrate experience in the industry and hospitality sector 4. Be available 24 hours a day to service all guests in house 5. Hold a suitable insurance policy 6. Provide electricity and water within the cost of any rental 7. Properly maintain all properties 8. Rent for any period up to a maximum of 6 months 9. Collect the Dubai Tourism Dirham separately to booking charges 10. Provide access to all data and statistics for audit by the DTCM 11. Allow the DTCM to inspect all properties 12. Only rent complete properties, not separate rooms within an apartment or villa How do I Licence my Property? The easiest way forward is to register your apartment or villa with an already registered Holiday Home operator. There are many officially licensed Holiday Home management companies in Dubai that can take care of the new legislation on your behalf. The DTCM will be undertaking an enforcement drive very soon to ensue only properly licensed properties are available and managed by licensed operators. If you do not have a permit and are not working with a licensed operator you could face fines starting from 5,000 AED and upwards if you repeatedly flout the rules. How much does it Cost? Dubai Holiday Home permits cost from 300 AED for a studio or one bedroom apartment, and then upwards by the same amount for each additional bedroom. So a permit for a 3 bedroom apartment will cost (3 x 300 AED) + 60 AED (admin fee) = 960 AED. The fee is capped at 1,200 AED for apartments or villas from 4 bedrooms or larger. The permit is renewable annually. If you need to change operator and transfer your permit from one company to ano...


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